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Embodied Beings

Embracing Connection and Restoring Love

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Renew, Restore, Recharge

Revitalise your Mind, Body, and Soul

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Empower, Accelerate, Transform

Unlock your Potential & Bloom into your Best Self

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Uncover, Explore, Nurture

Navigate the Dynamics of Relationships

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Unite, Witness, Transcend

Embracing Human Greatness and Belonging

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Embodied Beings

We are a nurturing community of practitioners committed to healing and restoring relationships. We empower individuals to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and growth, encouraging them to let go of limiting beliefs and embrace their authentic selves.

Embodied Beings is an incubator for journeys of remembrance of the order and nature of loveinterconnectedness, unity, belonging, dignity, and inclusion.

Come join us at Embodied Beings and be part of a collective effort to explore your inner self, and transform your life for the better

Beyond a community

Unlock your potential

Unforgettable Retreats

Retreats in natural settings to facilitate introspection and healing

Coaching Sessions

Tailored coaching sessions to support your goals

Skilled Practitioners

Access a network of well-being practitioners and experts for further support and guidance

Supportive Community

Allow others to witness your transformation and help you through your journey
"Wholehearted living is about engaging in our lives from a place of worthiness…It means cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to wake up in the morning and think, no matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough"
Brené Brown
A holistic transformation

Your Embodied Pathway



what’s important to you



who you want to be



your actions so you can



your passion

curated programmes

Your embodied journey starts here


Revitalise your mind, body, and soul


Unlock Your Potential

Systemic constellations:

Explore the dynamics of relationships


Embracing Human Greatness
Come and be a part of our community

Connect with us

Nancy Mortifee

Amel’s coaching and facilitation style is heart centred and gentle while steeped in research-based learnings and neuroscience. Our participants greatly appreciated her willingness to be vulnerable in sharing her own personal journey as well as deeply listening to their issues and offering effective practices for self-healing.

Nancy Mortifee

Dean - Inner Work Programs
Daphne Nederhorst

I had the great pleasure of meeting Amel at the Ashoka Wellbeing Project Retreat in 2022. She was one of the leading somatic facilitators for a group of global change leaders. She has an extraordinary talent for gently guiding others to explore their own healing and restoring capabilities. She does this through creative, playful, and flexible modalities that make you feel safe to explore your inner being. Amel radiates deep calm, compassion, and love for others. She is a gem!

Daphne Nederhorst

Founder, Sawa World & Ashoka Fellow
Cheryl Bailey Ayogu

Amel has the natural talent of bringing the best out of those around her. She harnesses their strengths and coaches them to be their best selves. She genuinely has the best interests of others at heart. She is a change-maker that dares to lead. She faces challenges with courage and facilitates Duffy ultimately conversations so all are heard. She creates avenues for women especially to excel and be their authentic selves. Working with her as a Leader of LeanIn Arabia while in Dubai was an incredible experience of watching her strategic mind. Amel is the epitome of a servant leader. I am privileged to have gotten to know her as a consummate professional.

Cheryl Bailey Ayogu

Program Delivery Manager at FEMA
Patrick Ngolobe

Amel is a “free spirit” looking out for the good in every soul, irrespective of gender and race. Amel brought to the fore how we can leverage our individual strengths to further the common Human Resources agenda in Uganda and Africa as a whole. We were challenged by the impact of coaching and mentoring on growing our individual leadership capabilities. Listening to you renews the soul, gives faith and strength to the weak, and encapsulates visions and dreams. Uganda is indebted to you.

Patrick Ngolobe

Founder of Africa Executive Leadership Solutions
Eva Fernandes

What can I say about Amel, that hasn’t already been said? She’s a force of nature and one of the very few people I’ve met in the business world who has a genuine interest in truly helping others. She taught me the tenets of diversity and inclusion, the complexity around integrating women in the workplace, and a deeper philosophical understanding of human relationships in the business world. If you do decide to do business with her, let me warn you. It won’t be just business. It will be a personal life-long connection that I am sure you will cherish.

Eva Fernandes

Storytelling Coach, Writer, Poet
Vimbai Chishanu

Faced with stagnation and a lack of motivation, I found myself yearning for a breakthrough to propel me to the next level. Amel’s profound and strategic coaching sessions became the catalyst for redefining my career trajectory. Through multiple conversations, Amel’s guidance helped me rediscover my career purpose and reignited a relentless drive to become the best version of myself. With her support, I am now fueled to bring lasting change in people’s lives. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Amel for being a part of this transformative moment in my career, for believing in me, and for encouraging me as I strive to embody the very best version of myself.

Vimbai Chishanu

Deputy Chief of Party, Nutrition Team Lead, RiPA North

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