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Dear fellow seekers,

There comes a moment when the mere existence we know no longer satisfies our souls. It is in those poignant times that a voice from deep within arises, clamouring for attention. We find ourselves at a loss, uncertain of how to answer this persistent call. But fret not, dear friends, for it is your soul reaching out to you, beseeching you to tend to what truly matters. It recognises your readiness, even amidst the tempest of fears and doubts.

When this stirring arises within you, we extend a heartfelt invitation to join us. We are here, eager to support you as you illuminate that inner voice and become attuned to its profound yearnings and desires. We take joy in listening to the life force that seeks expression through the depths of your wounds and moments of anguish, for they are not burdens, but gifts and remedies for the soul’s journey that lies ahead.

At Embodied Beings, we hold firm in the belief that when the soul beckons, we must create an environment of receptivity. Thus, we organise retreats in serene and tranquil settings. Together, we gather, inviting the elements of the space to coalesce and offer their support in unveiling and experiencing what longs to be seen. Our retreats are carefully guided by seasoned practitioners who bring their wealth of wisdom and insight to bolster your transformative process. We infuse every moment with sacredness, for that is the essence of our work.

Within these retreats, we facilitate journeys of remembrance. We understand our purpose as companions on your quest to reconnect with your soul, to rediscover your unique gifts and remedies that you possess for the betterment of the world. Love, dear ones, is the medicine we seek to embody and share.

See you there,

Your Embodied Beings Community

The CORE experience opens up and discovers a new world of seeing yourself and others. The course unlocks existing dreams deep inside you while being fun and highly engaging – it provided me with truly embodied energy to take action now and in future. I found my passion again.


I wholeheartedly recommend CORE retreat for anybody who is looking for a safe, supportive and nurturing environment to explore themselves. Amel and Einat help you find your true self by discovering many different aspects of who you are, without information overload or pressure of any kind. They do it with the utmost care and professionalism and the group dynamics further help you with personal reflection and bonus: you will meet amazing people.”


I found the CORE retreat one that was both enlightening and creative in approach. I especially enjoyed the bodywork and found it to be a well-facilitated experience. The small group offered a safe space in which to process the material we worked on. The workshops facilitated inner growth and development of core self. The outcome I value most is that the small group environment enabled me to build on my understanding of what it is to be ‘me’ in relationship with ‘other’.


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