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Systemic constellation is a therapeutic approach that is used to gain insights into the underlying dynamics of complex systems, such as teams, organizations, or family systems. It can be used with both teams and individuals, as it helps to uncover hidden patterns, relationships, and influences that are often not immediately visible.

For teams, systemic constellation can be a powerful tool for identifying and resolving conflicts, improving communication, and increasing overall team effectiveness. By mapping out the systemic relationships within the team, members can gain a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities, as well as the impact they have on one another. This can lead to a greater sense of cohesion and collaboration, as well as increased productivity and satisfaction.


Individual Session: 1hr
Group Session: 2-3hrs


Online or In-person




For individuals, systemic constellation can be used to explore personal relationships, emotions, and behaviors. It can help individuals gain insight into their family dynamics, ancestral influences, and hidden patterns that may be affecting their current situation. By revealing these hidden dynamics, individuals can gain a better understanding of their own motivations and behaviors, and develop strategies for making positive changes in their lives.

Overall, systemic constellation can be a powerful tool for both teams and individuals, helping them to gain insight into complex systems and uncover hidden patterns and influences that may be affecting their relationships, behaviours, and overall effectiveness.

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