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Systemic constellations, developed by the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, provide a solution-focused process for addressing personal, family, social, creative and organisational problems. ‘Constellations’ work by identifying, illuminating and offering healing resolutions to many seemingly intractable issues. The roots of these issues can lie deep in the unconscious areas of our own family and social systems (hence systemic constellations). This whole-system approach differs from other therapeutic approaches in that it explores each person’s place in the wider and inter-connected groups or systems to which they belong, rather than simply focusing on the individual in an isolated way. These ‘systems’ may be our current family or our family of origin, our body system – ie our health issues, our workplace or even the environment in which we live.


Systemic constellations can help with a wide range of issues including family and relationship difficulties, divorce, family secrets, violence and loss, illness, eating disorders, addictions, adoption, abortion, infertility and ongoing emotional symptoms such as unhappiness, rage, limitation, depression or lack of motivation. They can also be used in a business or organisational setting, as a diagnostic tool that reveals what is out of order or alignment and needs attention, or for staffing or departmental issues.

The methodology can also support the creative process and can assist with alignment to our own life purpose and relationship to the emergent future.

Whilst we each have our own personal history we are also, inevitably, deeply connected with our wider familial, social and cultural history which exerts a strong, and often unacknowledged, influence over us. Exploring this connection or ‘entanglement’ through the lens of systemic constellation work can offer remarkable insight and illumination that brings qualities of strength, and then resolution, that enables us to move 


How Does It Work?

At a systemic constellation workshop, participants wishing to explore an issue are invited to set up a constellation using members of the group to represent elements of whatever system they are working on – this may be in relation to a personal issue, a family issue, a creative issue, or a career or business issue. By creating a “living map” of the problem, dynamic or situation, simple but hidden truths can be revealed and understood, giving new insight and opportunities for change and movement. It is often the case that through our hidden or unconscious loyalties to the generational fates of our forbearers, much of what we carry in terms of repeating patterns and deep suffering, does not belong to us. The constellation process supports us to hand back, with great respect, the trauma of previous generations of our family, so that we can be free to live our own life purpose.

Both representing and holding an issue at a constellations workshop can provide profound insight and offer healing opportunities. 

Constellation work is undertaken with a deep respect for the principles and naturally occurring universal forces, such as time and place, and inclusion, which governs the balance, health and well-being in all families and groups of people.

The comfort and safety of the group is attended to at all times and this is supported by a group confidentiality contract.

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