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Creating Order While Being with Chaos

Like everyone else, pre-Covid-19, I had in place rituals that helped me stay connected to the world and the people I loved. My life had a structure that helped me work toward the future I wanted to create for myself, it had meaning.

All those rituals helped me feel that I am in control of my life and in-charge of my own destiny. All these rituals made me feel safe, connected and dignified.

Like everyone else, when Covid happen, I felt all kinds of feelings but most importantly, I felt the sense of loss. The rituals that I had in place, where informing and feeding my sense of aliveness, and now, as those rituals become absolute.

I found myself needing to sense into a new ways to feel into my aliveness in the mist of chaos.

Within weeks, I found myself, reflecting on the meaning and the importance of of rituals to feel safety, connected and dignified. I looked into the meaning of the word word ritual, in fact, comes from the Indo-European root which means “To fit together”. It is related to such words as art, skill, order, weaving, and arithmetic, all of which involves fitting things together to create order.

All societies have rituals to acknowledge the major life transitions of birth, initiation, marriage, and death. Ritual is the conscious act recognising a life change, and doing something to honour and support the change through the presence of such elements as witnesses, gift giving, ceremony, and sacred intention. In this way human beings support the changes they are experiencing and create a way “to fit things together again”

What rituals or practices will help you experience the teaching and recognise the changes Covid-19 brought your way? What would help you piece together to create order in the new?

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