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The essence of our existence lies in the transformative journey from disconnection and separateness towards profound connection. As individuals, we embark on a personal odyssey, seeking to overcome the barriers that isolate us from others and from the world around us.

The universal tale of migration, leaving loved ones behind in pursuit of a better life, resonates deeply within our collective consciousness. The anguish of forced displacement, tearing hearts asunder and fracturing families from their roots, leaves an indelible mark upon our souls. Within this shared experience, we find the yearning for connection and intimacy, yet often encounter guilt and the closing off of our hearts. Unconsciously, the energy of loss persists, shaping our lives and impeding our growth.

Embodied Beings is more than just a space, community, or practice. It is a sanctuary where we encounter and turn toward the binds we have placed upon ourselves. It is about acknowledging and integrating the parts we have denied – the delicate balance between life and death, ease and resistance, love and hate, and all the shades in between. It is akin to organising our laundry, placing everything in its rightful place. It is learning to travel lightly and attending to the order of life. It is about bestowing dignity upon all our ancestors and, by extension, ourselves.

Embodied Beings serves as an incubator for journeys of remembrance – remembrance of the intrinsic order and nature of LOVE. It encapsulates interconnectedness, unity, belonging, dignity, and inclusion. As we embark on the path back home, together we shall cultivate the capacity to encompass all, restoring balance and Love.

Let this manifesto be our guide as we gather, share, and learn from one another. May it inspire us to forge a world that honours the interwoven tapestry of existence, where love reigns supreme and all beings are cherished.

Amel Murphy
Founder of Embodied Beings

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