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Edge Walker, facilitator, constellator

Amel Murphy

Embodied Beings was founded by Amel Murphy, who brought together a team of passionate healers and wellness practitioners to create a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their inner selves and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Amel is a dynamic force in the realm of trauma-informed leadership and Wellbeing. With over two decades of experience guiding teams and individuals, she ignites a transformative journey towards unwavering resilience, profound self-connection, and unified action. Amel is a catalyst for those who are open and eager to explore their boundless potential.

Throughout her remarkable path, Amel has recognized that true wellbeing is often a privilege, leaving many without access to the support they desperately need. Determined to reshape this paradigm, she prioritizes wellbeing over financial constraints, passionately advocating for diverse ways of exchange. In her work, Amel guides clients to unravel deep-seated patterns held within their body and psyche, liberating stagnant energy and awakening their innate vitality to make a meaningful impact on the world.

As a woman, Amel intimately understands the unique challenges faced by her gender. Committed to empowering women, she assists them in reclaiming their authentic voices and carving their rightful place in their respective spheres. Amel firmly believes in the transformative power of group dynamics, recognizing the collective wisdom we all possess. By creating spaces for shared experiences, she facilitates growth and mutual benefit, where each person is seen, valued, and reminded of their intrinsic worth.

Amel’s expertise extends across various domains, having served corporate sectors, executive teams, and senior leaders, guiding them to navigate a path that transcends profit-driven objectives. She is equally dedicated to supporting social change agents and leaders in the third sector, including donors, NGOs, and UN agencies, ensuring their leadership journey remains infused with vitality.

As a luminary in the field of leadership and wellbeing, Amel actively contributes through diverse partnerships and initiatives. She is a sought-after speaker, facilitator, incubator, and initiator. Notably, Amel co-founded the groundbreaking women-to-women mentoring platform, The LINK, impacting the lives of over 5200 women in the Middle East. She played a pivotal role in establishing women community circles (Lean IN) across multiple countries, fostering empowerment in Uganda, Jordan, UAE, Niger, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, KSA, Israel, Qatar, and Lebanon. Additionally, she curated the pioneering women In Tech conference track as part of the renowned GITEX, the world’s third-largest tech conference.

Amel’s mission is profound: to live in communion with herself and others, to honor her ongoing journey of self-discovery, and to serve from a place of boundless love and generosity.

Throughout her career, Amel has partnered with esteemed organizations and clients such as Common Purpose, The Wellbeing Projects, MAVA foundation, Wellbeing project, MercyCorps, Oxfam, BP, HSBC, JP Morgan, Shell, Merck, Novartis, Hilti, Phillip Morris, L’Oreal, Sodexo, Solvey Chemical, Nestle, ImpactHub, OmniCom Media Group, UN offices in Burundi, Madagascar, and Rwanda, as well as the Dubai Prime Minister’s office and Common Land.

Amel’s certifications and accreditations span a vast array of modalities and therapies. She is adept in Theory U for individual and collective transformation, Design thinking for ideation, prototyping, and creation, Barret value for individual and cultural transformation, gamification for experiential learning, the Seven Chakras system for building resilience, mindfulness-based stress reduction practices, somatic experiencing practitioner for trauma resolution, narrative therapy, Adler coaching, somatic movement, 5 rhythms dance, and systemic constellation.

Fluent in English, French, and Arabic, Amel bridges diverse cultures and languages, enriching her ability to connect with and empower individuals across the globe.

I want to live in communion with myself and others. In deep reverence for the person, I am and becoming and to serve from a place of love and generosity.


Amel Murphy has over 20 years of experience in guiding individuals, as well as global organisations, to transform themselves or businesses by unleashing and revealing their people’s potential. She has also completed various training programs in narrative therapy, somatic experiencing, Adler coaching, and mindfulness-based stress reduction. Amel has also been leading women’s retreats and healing circles for the past 15 years.

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