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Social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow

Catalina C. Duque

As a social entrepreneur and global weaver, my why lies in creating more inclusive, peaceful, and regenerative societies. Through group and individual work, I seek to mend the fractures caused by disconnection—between ourselves, others, and nature. I believe that by fostering inner growth, dialogue, and collaboration, we can address the root of humanity’s challenges. By bridging these gaps, we unlock the potential for collective growth, resilience, and harmony.

My medicine and gift to the world is the art of weaving together seemingly disconnected worlds, fostering thriving systems. Internally, I integrate the realms of mind, heart, body, and spirit, nurturing holistic well-being. Externally, I harmonize people, projects, places, and sectors, catalyzing synergy and sustainable growth. Through this interconnected approach, I offer transformative solutions that enable individuals, communities, and the world to flourish.


An accomplished social entrepreneur, civic leader and global weaver, Catalina Cock Duque, co founder and President of Fundación Mi Sangre, inspires people to build a world in which youth are at the forefront of social change and multi-level networks are built to impact sustainable peace. As founder and former Executive Director of Fundación Amigos del Choco, an organisation that combines her passion for social justice and environmental protection, Catalina led the creation of the first social and environmental certification of artisanal gold mining and its replica and scaling-up strategy at the global level through articulating inter-sectorial ecosystems. Through inclusive innovative management practices, Catalina foments a participative and conscious leadership in her teams in which personal and organisational purposes are aligned in order for interventions to reach their full potential.

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