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Voice Whisperer, Facilitator, Author

Kim A. Page

Starting out as an artist, I became a trainer when the thrill of expressing myself was widened into the satisfaction of helping others express themselves. When I transitioned into the corporate world, the focus became helping my clients connect the skills we were working on to achieve their professional goals. Along the way, I widened my toolbox with a Master’s degree in Organisation Development and various facilitator methods. I see my function as being a doorway. The key is to develop confidence and new skills. I’m on a mission for professionals to gain access to their bodies, their voice, and their words. It is our birthright to express ourselves so we can make the connections we desire, and it is at the core of a successful career and a happy life.

To be able to learn and develop, we need the topic to be relevant, a safe space to expand our comfort zone – and the push that takes us over the edge. We also need to connect the dots, so that we can apply the learning to better practices. My gift is to create a container for realness and sharing. The result can be deepened awareness and understanding, or simply coming together around what is in the room. As a facilitator, I bring about growth and unexpected synergies and I am continuously humbled by the work and the power of presence.


Kim helped countless professionals to get their message through in multinational and local organisations. She is a vocal coach, a TEDx speaker and a webinar host. her first book 'The Right Kind of Loud: Finding Your Communication Voice' is part of the curriculum at several business schools. Her career spans three continents, from Copenhagen to Barcelona, San Francisco and Dubai, before landing in London, where she now lives. A true polyglot, she is fluent in six languages.

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