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Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Phoenix-Rises E C Tabot-Ojong

For several years, I have offered short and long-term psychotherapy to 16+ adults & adoptive families within NHS, a range of local authority Children and Family  Services, Private & Charity Settings, plus over a  decade of attachment-based child, family & adoption experience as a social worker. I am grounded in major psychotherapy approaches that help a wide range of life issues;e.g. anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Whilst therapeutic approaches vary, the relationship between us is ultimately the key to therapeutic change. I am here to work alongside individuals and groups. Together, we navigate a path of healing as we work to restore and rebuild connection and safety within the self, enabling individuals and groups to explore, process, and gain insights and develop the art of self-acceptance through love that restores the connection with self and others.

I enjoy yoga, Bachata, and listening to music. I have a passion for love, relationship consciousness, motherhood, sex and sexuality, diversity, inclusion, systemic and social justice matters.

My Theoretical Orientation as a Psychotherapist

 My theoretical orientation is assimilative relational psychodynamic integration which is open to integrating relational theories and concepts that enrich it. I understand our intrapsychic and interpersonal worlds are inextricably linked and emerge through internalised relationships with significant others and the world. Ultimately influencing our organising principles and relational patterns across the lifespan. I endorse relational theories and concepts that recognise the significance of the caregiver-child dyad and other contextual influences on human development. The foundational premise of my practice is modern attachment theory, alongside intersubjectivity, interpersonal concepts of mutual affect attunement, somatic experiencing (Rothchild’s 2000; Van der Kolk,2005; Levine, 2010), affective experiencing (Damasio, 2000; Panskeep,1998, 2009, Van der Kolk,2005) and cultural psychoanalysis (Frie,2014). I also integrate relational systemic approaches (Hawkins & Ryde, 2019 ) in my work with individuals and groups.

My Philosophical Position

I hold a postmodernist stance that denounces objectivity and embraces intersubjectivity as a vessel to promote diversity and inclusion. I am also personally aligned with African humanism as encapsulated in the Ubuntu philosophy ‘I am because we are and since we are, therefore, I am’, which supports my multicultural identity and work with diversity.   

My core values are humanistic-existential oriented. I believe in individuals’ capacity to change and self-orient towards their utmost potential in optimal conditions, contrary to being limited by deterministic forces. I believe our mutual interdependence with the world implies that no world exists apart from our experiences which are inseparable from our social and world context. Therefore, although our true essence is unique and evolves through phenomenological inquiry, our present moment experience is inextricably influenced by our past and future. I believe that an individual’s subjective experience is the closest approximation to their truth, the most vital organismic valuing process symbolic of personal growth, and the touchstone for clinical efficacy. I appreciate that people’s ultimate concern revolves around the paradoxical nature of death, freedom, loneliness, and meaninglessness, which generates existential angst and the need for therapy. Although we are free agents, individuals may be limited by trauma-induced psychological deficits, cultural and structural barriers.


Phoenix-Rises E C Tabot-Ojong is a Relationship, Trauma and Attachment informed integrative psychodynamic psychotherapist. She holds a Clinical Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and has recently completed a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy studies at Metanoia Institute. Phoenix currently runs a small private psychotherapy practice called Core Illumination Healing.
She is also a qualified social worker with years concurrently undertake some independent work as a social worker and university practice educator whilst managing and supervising staff at the child contact intervention charity she founded fifteen years ago (Voice of the Child).

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