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Counseling and Leadership Coach

Sheona Della-Fort

Sheona shares a diverse background and a passion for travel, cultural experiences, and spirituality. Sheona was born in Yorkshire, England, but have lived in various countries such as Sri Lanka, Australia, and Canada. She has worked, traveled, and volunteered in numerous locations, totaling over 34 countries. Her experiences have allowed her to encounter a wide range of people, cultures, and spiritual contexts, creating lasting memories.

Sheona has engaged with various groups, including prisoners, soldiers, indigenous tribes, artists, mental health charities, interfaith groups, refugees, and many others. She faced negative remarks about her potential and abilities, but such criticism hasn’t deterred her. On the other hand, she have received positive feedback, such as being remembered by future generations for her actions, being brought to Canada by a higher power, and being praised for her compassion, courage, and unique character.

Despite facing personal challenges, including being born with a heart defect, surviving war, and encountering elephants, Sheona appreciates resilience and determination. At the age of 52, she pursued postgraduate studies in transpersonal psychology, specifically Psychosynthesis Psychology. One of her favourite books is Victor Frankl’s book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” who believes that having a purpose is crucial for survival and personal growth.


Sheona Della-Fort comes from a diverse background, having lived in various countries and engaged with a multitude of people and cultures. She has worked with a wide range of groups, including prisoners, soldiers, indigenous tribes, and mental health charities. Having studied transpersonal psychology, she believes in the importance of finding purpose and offer transformational leadership and spiritual coaching services to help others discover their own path.

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