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What is your Medicine

All flow from the same source. Walk backwards and you will see what you are here to serve.

This morning, I set to work on my medicine map. Medicine map is another way of looking at what am I here to work on. What is my contribution, but not from the head space of management and leadership model, but from lineage, mother nature ancient wisdom. I have been paying attention to the fractal and patterns that I found myself attracted and fascinated by in my walks, cycling, television watching, book reading. As I pay attention to the emerging thread in my life, without labeling it at this stage. I found myself taking pics, drawing certain shapes, coloring sacred geometry, listening to certain sounds and moving with them.

Today, as I woke up with the intent to connect to what is emerging and giving it for. I soon found myself picking an A1 paper , drawing what looked like ring shape forms, As I continued to let the pen guide me and inform the emerging pattern, fractal of my life and work, I found myself, soon seeing the rings in the tree trunk.

I asked myself, what is this urge coming from and what is it trying to say. As I sync with the movement, the words started to emerge creating the mosaic of my own medicine.

With every ring I drew, a story showed up and medicine (lessons) was harvested. I found myself capturing the medicine in the ring and tearing at the stories that emerged. Every memory, brought joy and sorrow.

I found myself mourning and healing in one ring, one cycle.

I never paid attention to that. The natural completion of every cycle and chapter in life and the integration of it into the psyche and being.

I noticed, how much of what I do and have being acting on, is an expression of my medicine, my medicine is my work. Like the rings in the trunk of a tree, it is integral part of the tree.

Like the trunk, my life is layers of my own medicine, I never lost it. It guided me. At times, I may have not being able to tap to its fullness, yet it has always given me enough nourishment to seek more and yearn for its magic.

Each time, I drunk from it, my commitment to myself liberation , outgrown my fears, and my insecurities and its giving me the freedom to be who and what I truly want. To express and bring to live from the joy of that medicine.

When our commitment to self is greater than our commitments to others, we heal and be whole.

We are all medicine men and women walking this earth, claiming and healing souls. Claim your medicine and live your life free to it.

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