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A World Worth Living In

This morning, I woke up with so many questions in my mind, all connected to the emerging change that I am sensing within me and yet it feels it hasn’t sync in yet.

I tried to describe to a friend, what It feels for me at the moment. I goes to say;I feel like I have left the platform and now I find myself in a different platform that I don’t recognise, waiting for my train, and yet I don’t yet know which train I am waiting for.

All I know is, I am embarking in a new journey, a new life. This life seems more integrated, in resonance, effortless. In this new life, simple conversations are at the centre of being with life and people around me. There is no rushing to earning, or proving my worth and contribution.

By showing up and being myself, things are happening. In this new life, I am surrounded by people, whom want to be there in communion with one another. Where there is no expectation of the other, apart from being the mirror or the witness.

In this new life, people are acting on the things that have heart and meaning for them. People are speaking their truth. There are no titles or designations to be accountable. People are being their own council.

In this new life, there are no community interest to protect or advocate. In this world, everyone is being the patron and the steward of the whole.

In this new life, there are no hero’s, kings, queens, guides, healers, teacher, nor prostitute or buffoons. There is only one unified archetype the mother of all archetype to help us navigate and be in life and that is Mother Nature.

In the new life, work is replaced by worshiping. We worship our creation and contributions, we worship our aliveness.

In this new life, there are no diseases and people are living in sync with life rhythm. Worries, concerns and mental health, are part of the stories we tell to remind us of the world we don’t want to re-invent again.

In my new path. Life is the beloved and the living itself becomes the path.

As Rumi said: “The way you make love is the way God will be with you”

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