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We are in an eight year which energetically offers the potential of love, money and creativity; along with abundance and power.  To access this fully, we need to be in right relationship with abundance.

Abundance has its own rhythm, as represented by the infinity symbol (an 8 on its side). It has a flow that is both giving and receiving.  This means living in harmony with life and dancing with whatever shows up. To what extent do you feel you are living in an abundant flow with life?

We have designed a two-day retreat to give you a somatic experience of the different patterns that show up for you and to help you start to move any stuckness you are holding consciously or unconsciously.

We invite you to come, slow down, and tune in so you remember and reconnect to your own rhythm around abundance. After all, abundance is your birth right. We will be bringing ancient wisdom from the Shamanic tradition alongside energy work, colour, breathwork, and trauma-informed somatic practices.

Your facilitators


One of our core values is inclusion.  A “one price for all” structure does not enable full participation. Those who don’t have a lot of money either can’t join, or the price is set so low that the programme is not financially viable.

We offer a flexible pricing model.  Look at the range given below, find a contribution that works for you, in line both with what you can afford whilst recognising what we are bringing you:

  • Access Fee: £280
  • Sustainability Fee: £330
  • Generosity Fee: £380

Retreat fees include lunch and refreshments on both days.  Please note this is a non-residential retreat.  For accommodation options, check out the Embankment Hotel and The White Hart

"We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate; it oppresses"
Carl Jung

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