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Somatic Experiencing is like learning to listen to your body’s stories.

Imagine your body is like a library, filled with stories of everything you’ve ever experienced. Sometimes, when something really scary or overwhelming happens, it’s like a book gets stuck open on one page, and your body keeps rereading that stressful moment over and over. This can make you feel stuck, anxious, or even physically unwell because your body’s still reacting to that past event.

Somatic Experiencing helps you gently close that book.

By paying close attention to the physical sensations in your body – like your heartbeat, the way you breathe, or even a feeling of tightness or warmth in certain areas – you can help your body move past those stuck points. It’s a bit like helping your body realize that the scary event is over, and it’s safe now. This process doesn’t involve talking about the event in detail, so it feels safer and more comfortable.

It’s like having a guide for a journey inside yourself.

As a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, I’m like a guide. I help you notice what’s happening in your body, support you in understanding these signals, and assist you in finding ways to let those stuck emotions flow out naturally. It’s a journey of rediscovery, where you learn to tune into your body’s wisdom, leading to a feeling of relief, peace, and even joy.

The goal? To help you feel like yourself again.

Think of it as helping your body turn the page on distress and move on to new chapters of wellbeing and happiness. It’s not about forgetting the past but about releasing its grip on your physical self. This way, you can respond to life’s challenges from a place of strength and calm, rather than feeling stuck in old patterns.

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